What is a Free Air Subwoofer?

What is a Free Air Subwoofer?

The theory of advantages and disadvantages that come along with the free air subwoofer has been a long discussion lately. You may find people that are inclined towards supporting while on the other hand people in against are also in equal ratio to some extent. 

The main cause of this debate is the major confusion among people about how free air subwoofers function. You will even find differences in the forms of subwoofers. For example, the infinite baffle setup over the traditional box subwoofer. 

The goal of removing this misconception is to get in touch with the professional installer. This art could actually save you from a lot of scams. 

You do not only get a professional installer; they come along with a wide range of knowledge and information regarding the task. In case you hold any doubt or unsure information regarding the subwoofer, they will be cleared immediately. 

Features To Look In Free Air Subwoofer

It’s important to understand the difference between woofer vs subwoofer. The significant feature of using a free subwoofer is that you get to connect your sound system along with playing music around the whole house without having the need to buy different speakers for each room. 

The subwoofer also enables you to adjust the volume of your device. You might also find some models that are able to provide you with the ability to adjust the bass level of your system. 

In addition to this, you can also determine from which part of your house you are willing to receive bass. 

One of the diversified features that you will find in the air support is that it connects automatically to the Wi-Fi. The wiring of a free air subwoofer is also what makes it different from others. 

There are some subwoofers that connect with the external amplifier through direct means. If your free air sub has this style of wiring, you’ll need to plug it straight into your device’s speaker or headphone socket. This may limit you to just playing music from specified sources through the woofer.

How does the Free Air Subwoofer work?

Suppose you have any misconception about how these subwoofers work. The major difference is that subwoofers require a sans box, while a sealed space works fine for the infinite baffle system. The way both of the speakers are mounted is mostly similar. People often mount them under the seat. 

People who have a craze for cars know that these subwoofers help them a lot by confining the air space in the trunk. 

However, the space that you save is entirely dependent upon the size of your trunk. You wouldn’t be able to produce a perfect amount of space if you don’t have a small enough speaker or big enough trunk. 

The idea behind producing this system is to make a list and feel like they are inside the subwoofer box. You can say that a lot of modification and careful inspection have been done in order to make the perfect design for this subwoofer. 

The aim of creating this subwoofer is to reduce the complexity of creating bass. We also want to avoid putting extra effort just for the sake of sealing an enclosure. 

Advantages of a Free Air Subwoofer

Let’s talk about how a free air subwoofer can assist you in various ways.


A free air subwoofer is not expensive. For roughly $100, you can get a high-quality 12-inch subwoofer. Because they don’t come with an enclosure or a built-in amplifier, they’re less expensive, but they’re the same size and power as an enclosed subwoofer.

Power Consumption is Low 

Because this subwoofer is not enclosed and operates in an open-air setting, it moves air more readily and consumes less power. When comparing enclosed versus free air subwoofers of the same size and power, the free air subwoofer will consume significantly less power.

Less Space

These subwoofers are always convenient for saving space. Free air subs may be simply installed in automobile doors, while speakers and tweeters can be mounted on the dashboard.

Disadvantages of Free Air Subwoofer

The same as any other support for the three years ago has some disadvantages. We want to make this article as unbiased as possible. 

Hence, we’ll state all the disadvantages that you could face while making a purchase for the free air subwoofer.

Tight Bass

Since the specification of a free air subwoofer is to provide you top quality sound in an open environment. You might face difficulties in getting an adequate bass for a closed environment; therefore, if you are a music lover that wants tight and accurate bass at all times. This might not be the perfect option for you. 

Boomy Bass

It only covers the basic requirements for a speaker. If you produce groundbreaking performance, then you might want to go for some other option.

Quick Free Air Subwoofers Installation Tips 

There is no requirement for an infinite baffle system level of sound wave isolation. The subwoofer is also able to perform perfectly when the trunk is full of luggage. 

As a result, the better job you do of separating the sound waves from each other, the better sounding sub you will have. 

Sound and vibration absorption materials, such as Dynamat, should be used in a standard mounting where the free air subwoofer is mounted through the rear deck. 

To prevent rattles and vibrations, you could wish to stiffen the back deck. The speaker’s response will be improved by a firm surface.

A baffle board will help your setup if you’re placing a free air speaker at the back of your rear seats. The speaker will sound better with a sealed surround. 

Free-air subwoofers are notorious for lacking powerful bass. Your efforts to insulate will pay off in the form of a superior sound system.

People who own cars with smaller drinks may prefer to use the small-bore at the sub box for their trunks. It might not be possible for free air subwoofers to provide you with a satisfying bass as compared to the small box. 


There are several nice subwoofers built for free air installation on the market nowadays. Free air or infinite baffle design will generate a pleasant bass response in your vehicle if you buy good-quality speakers, power them with a sensible amplifier, and properly insulate your car.

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