How to make car speakers louder without an amplifier

How to make car speakers louder without an amplifier

The most frequently asked question – can I make my car speakers louder without an amp?

The answer is simple – Yes, you can! 

If you love driving around with your favorite music playing in loud volume, then you might be thinking about making your car speakers louder. 

It’s very frustrating if your car speakers don’t perform louder music as you expected. 

Surely, a quality amplifier can boost any car speaker’s louder. It can increase the volume and sound quality but buying an amplifier will cost you more than you expect. 

Moreover, it’s often a complicated job to set up an amplifier; you might need help from professionals, which will cost you more. 

However, it’s not the end of the world, and you have other options too!

With some exciting techniques – you can make your car speakers louder without an amplifier. 


8 ways to make car speakers louder without an amplifier

Below are 8 simple tips and tricks that are easy to do and you can do as a DIY project to make your car speaker louder. 

Using Car Noise Isolation

Not all cars have noise isolation systems; only lavish luxury cars do. So it’s widespread to be able to hear a lot of road and engine sound while driving. 

The background noise itself substantially impacts the ability to listen to the music.

Using car noise isolation, commonly known as damping, is the most feasible way to make speakers louder.

Damping uses/adding noise-insulating materials to absorb the engine and road noise and the speaker’s vibration. 

To achieve the significant result, you will need to use damping in three major areas – engine, door, and floor. If you are not experienced enough – get help from professionals.

Using Car Noise Isolation
Using Car Noise Isolation


Engine noise is always an obstacle for car audio systems. While driving, the engine sound itself creates a hindrance in the car sound. 

So reducing the engine sound is the best way to get more uninterrupted and louder audio.

To cut down the engine noise, applying damping materials like “dynamat” under the car hood is the only affordable option that works. 

Many damping materials are available in the market; some of them are quite expensive, but using them is worthy for a car audio enthusiast. 


The car floor usually has many small blank spaces, joints, wires, and screws or bolts – which causes sound distortion. 

Besides that, as the floor is the lowest part of the car – it causes road noise inside the car too. 

So it’s essential to insulate the whole car floor (Including boot space) proficiently. 

With the help of a proper noise isolated floor, your speakers will be able to deliver louder and more natural music without an amplifier. 


Car doors are the most significant part of damping. Before applying the damping materials – you need to check all the push locks and the window seals if they are making any noise while driving or not. 

If anything causes vibration or noise – get it replaced/fixed before damping.

There are speakers in the car door, so use the best damping materials to isolate the area.

Update/modify car speakers

If you are looking for the best louder sound quality, you might need to replace / update / modify your car speakers as required.

Sometimes, due to many uses or depending on product quality, some speakers start producing distorted sound. 

A proper inspection (one by one) is needed before you decide what you will do. It will help you to understand the present situation of each of your speakers. 

Replacing has always been the most straightforward option if you have enough budget. You can replace the older speakers with a new one anytime you want.

On the other hand, you can modify your car speakers by replacing the damaged/faulty parts.

There are few signs of damage you should be aware of; it will help you understand which parts fail. 

For example – in the case of damaged speakers coil or old, worn magnets – you should notice the loss of power; the speaker will produce less vibration from the cone. 

Sometimes, speaker cones become old and worn, eaten by insects, etc. In such cases – you should consider replacing the cones in the first place.

Adding subwoofers

If you are not buying an amplifier and want to make car speakers louder, consider buying a high-quality subwoofer. 

Subwoofers are loudspeakers that can generate bass from the stereo. Also, subwoofers are a low-cost option compared to an amplifier.

There are various types of subwoofers available in the market. While choosing one, try to choose among renowned brands. 

Adding subwoofers
Adding subwoofers

Compromising in quality of the subwoofer means compromising in sound quality overtly. Blown subwoofer is another story though!

Subwoofers are the most significant part of a car sound system. Subwoofer placement plays a significant role in its performance, and it should be placed in a less vibrant place like the trunk. 

Because the subwoofer produces low-frequency sounds – bass apparently, vibration can affect the sound quality.  

Also, make sure you fine-tune the sub to sink with the system. Otherwise, the car speakers will not match and compete with the subwoofers’ sound.

Additional tweeters

Adding tweeters is a great way to improve the sound quality and enhance the volume of your car audio.

The combination of a subwoofer and a tweeter can generate more natural, powerful, and louder music. 

Adding tweeters would be a great addition to your car audio – at a minimal cost.

Learn more – How to install the tweeters?

Adjust speaker placement

The next improvement is filling the gaps between the door speakers and the door panels. The gaps are responsible for creating sound distortion or noise.

You can use speaker gasket tape, foam, or spongy materials with additional glue to fill the gaps. 

Make sure you seal all around the edges of the speakers – it will help stop the passing air through the gaps – which means you can get a louder and clearer sound.

Using Capacitor

While playing high-bass songs sometimes, it scatters high energy in the car audio. It can control the loss of power while playing louder music. Capacitors can be handy here. 

To have flawless music, some car audio lovers consider installing a second battery for car audio. But adding a battery is much more expensive than using a capacitor.

Using a capacitor also helps run the car smoothly without losing any power due to louder music.

Upgrade Cables and Connectors

Besides all the improvements, you should check the wiring cables and connectors too.

Because after a particular time, the wiring cables get worn out and start creating weaker sound output, even if few speakers get disconnected.

So it’s time to check the wiring cables and connectors; if needed, get a new set of wires and connectors. Before installing new wires you might need to understand the differences between speaker wire vs electrical wire.

If you are not able to do it yourself, you can contact a professional. 

Play high-quality music

Last but not least – play high-quality music to get louder volume. 

It’s just simple – the better size and quality file you will play – the better and louder music you will have. 

You can’t expect quality music from acc, mp2, or 3gp format – play 320 kbps mp3 format and feel the difference. It’s all about bitrate. The higher the bitrate file you play, the better sound you will have. 

Final thoughts

We hope you enjoyed the article, and now you know how to make your car speakers louder without an amplifier. The steps we have listed above are worth a try to meet your expectations. 

Though the result still depends on your budget and the accuracy of applying the damping and adding the subwoofers and tweeters. 

Please don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about this article in the comment section. Also, if you like to share this post – we would appreciate that. 

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