How to Play Music from Phone to Car without Aux or Bluetooth

How to Play Music from Phone to Car without Aux or Bluetooth

Most frequently asked question – How to play music from phone to car without aux or bluetooth? Thanks to modern technology that has made it possible to access music anywhere and anytime. No matter if the car is old or new, the things that matter are the car stereo and the music playlist. If you have these two things ready to produce the blasting sound, you’ve everything to enjoy the ride. 

The more the sources of the music, the less you are going to get bored throughout the ride. Especially on long drives, when you plan a picnic to the beach with friends or plan a dinner to a distant location, you always need a good collection of music to save yourself and partners from boredom. Gladly, modern stereos give you an opportunity to play around with different options. 

If you are out of the songs stored in your car factory audio system, you can get your mobile connected to it in several ways. It enables you to conquer a variety of benefits:

  • It is easy to connect your stereo with the phone 
  • For constant connectivity, the smartphone works the best 
  • You can stream music right through Spotify, apple music, Pandora, and more. 
  • With hands-free car stereo, you can also turn on the GPS navigation. 

How many ways to connect the phone with the car stereo? 

You can have a blind trust in technology these days, it has attained the next level in the modern era, and wouldn’t be wrong if we say that, it has discovered an endless number of ways to connect your smartphone with the car. While some most used ways are mentioned below:

Connecting phone with the car stereos via Aux 

All you need is a cable and locate the socket for an aux input on the stereo. Insert the one end of the cable in the aux socket and the other in the phone and it’s done. Usually, car stereos come with a USB port, but if your car lacks it then there is always an aux socket as the substitute. While the only con is that sound quality can be compromised a bit.. 

Connecting Phone with the car stereo via Bluetooth

We are more familiar with Bluetooth. It develops an easy and strong connection and is comparatively an easier approach, you can have an access to the hundreds of songs in a millisecond – one tap and shake your head on the bass. While the risk is, it has opened the gates of security threats. Your car stereo’s Bluetooth is always turned on, which means it can catch certain issues and viruses, and then if the smartphone is connected, the virus may sneak into your phone and harm the important data stored in it. So, it turns out to be a little risky. 

Connecting Phone with the Car Stereo without Aux and Bluetooth

You may want to filter some ways to connect your smartphone with the car stereo by some safe means, without Bluetooth or Aux to enjoy your carefree rides.

We have got you covered! Below, we’ve enlisted some easiest and common ways to get your device connected with the car stereo.  The below-mentioned ways will make it a matter of minutes for you to enter the world of music without compromising the quality of sound. We’re sure you’re going to love these ways. 

  • Single Routing App

If you don’t want Bluetooth to come in between you and the music or simply because your car lacks a feature of “connecting device via Bluetooth”, this has got you covered! It has a feature of “hands-free calling Bluetooth”, which is the best option to exploit right away. 

You have to pair your car with the phone then ensure if they are connected or not by making a call. Now download any Single Routing App, and install it. Run the application as the “Mono Bluetooth Router”, this will help you route the music from your phone to the stereo.  Simply open the app and play your favorite music. 

Pros: It is easy to navigate through the app. The installation and setting of an application are quite simple. The quality of the sound will never be compromised. It is inexpensive to buy any premium routing app. 

Cons: Installation may take a little longer. 

  • FM Radio Transmitter 

Gladly, every car comes with the option of “FM Radio Transmitter along with the cigarette lighter”. This is one of the conventional ways to get your phone connected with the car. 

FM Radio Transmitter

First, provide the transmitter with the power source through the cigarette lighter. Switch the system on and configure the mode for FM and frequency, which is not in use in your locality. And then align the selected frequency with the FM transmitter, connect your device with an FM Radio Transmitter and there you go. 

Pros: It is comparatively the cheaper way, and easy to configure the setting of FM Radio Transmitter. 

Cons: Since FM requires the channels, it needs a wider channel in your locality to connect and amplify the music. Antennas have to be kept close for better communication and signaling. 

  • USB Connection 

If you are using the modern car, you probably already know about the USB connection, which can also serve as the charging outlet and for the data connection. 

All you need is to look for the USB port in your stereo interference or head unit or located in the center of the dashboard. Connect your phone with this. In some modern car stereo systems, your phone screen can be seen on the display, and you can easily control the actions there. 

Pros: It offers a high-quality approach to sound with a strong, durable, and reliable connection. USB connectivity with the car stereo helps you keep your phone charged as well. 

Cons: You may experience some speed issues after connecting a phone with the USB port. 

  • Cassette Tape Adapter 

If you are looking for the cheapest way to run music through a smartphone with such a high bass that could touch your soul – Here’s a solution! No matter what model of the car you have, it’s always been clever to exploit this way to play high-quality music. It has a cord and a pin to connect it with the phone, and it is done!

Cassette Tape Adapter

Pros: It is relatively an advanced approach to explore an endless number of songs that your phone can have. It is really simple and easy to connect with your phone. It is more affordable than any other means of playing music with the car stereo. 

Cons: Fewer the price, the fewer the features. Unlike FM transmitters, you are limited to playing around a limited number of options, only to play music. However the sound quality can also be compromised sometimes, and while it may not be able to work with iPhones as well. A lot of cassette tape adapters on the market have a short life, they are not durable. So, if you are planning to use this method, you need to buy it from a reputable manufacturer. 

  • Apple Car Play and Android Auto

The feature is only found in modern cars and not in vintage ones. You can build a connection with the help of apps. Though applications are also variable in terms of features and prices as well. Some of the applications are free to use as well. They have the more advanced features. 

The only thing you need to do is to purchase the most-rated and a trusted application directly from the online store. Setup the initial settings, add details and connect it with the car via means provided. 

Pros: The apps will help you develop a secure connection not for just playing music but also for controlling your phone, you can send messages, navigate, answer a call, access and view your mobile screen on the display of the head unit. It is easier to manage it. 

Cons: Third-party ads are one of the main drawbacks of the applications. You cannot fully enjoy the music after connecting the phone with the car stereo through any of the applications, since your mobile is connected, messages, calls, and other notifications are going to shift your attention away from the music. 

  • Changing Head Unit 

Well, this is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is being the most difficult approach of all mentioned on the list. Since you cannot entirely change the headunit, but some part of it. If you own an older model of car that doesn’t allow you to connect your phone with the stereo without an Aux or Bluetooth. You can have a cassette tape adapter, CD player, USB port, and other adapters to connect a phone.

Pros: With an alteration of the head unit, it becomes more advanced and modern with the strong and durable older design and tools. You can have access to a plethora of advanced tools to modernize your car stereo and give it a breathtaking appearance. 

Cons: Since it is not easy to modernize the stereos by incorporating more advanced adapters and ports, you need to have an IT expert to assist you over. It can be a little expensive as well. If you are planning to make your headunit go for an alteration, make extensive research on different quality products first and then buy them. 

  • 30 Pin iPod Adapter

If your car comes with the 30-pin iPod Adapter, do make use of it. It is probably the best thing that comes with an audio system. This is the lightning connector, enabling you to connect your iPhone or iPod directly with it. 

Pros: It has a strong hardware design and thus supports syncing, audio output, and even if you want to charge your device, it is easier with a 30 pin iPod Adapter. It is a more durable and secure way of connecting a phone with the stereo. The connector works efficiently as well. 

Cons: It lags in speed, it could be enhanced. It cannot be connected to the lower versions of the iPhone. 

Is Bluetooth Better Than Aux? 

The major thing that differs in both is that Bluetooth is a wireless connection while Aux is wired. Apart from this difference, the connection may also vary from feature to feature. For you to anticipate it better and which one do you need we’ve gathered some key differences. 

  • Convenience 

For many users wired connections sound better while many prefer the wireless connection. With Bluetooth, you have to make a pair between your device and the stereo, with Aux, you simply have to insert the pin and it’s done. Aux takes around a second to get connected but Bluetooth takes longer. Bluetooth doesn’t work with every device while Aux works with the maximum number of devices. So, in terms of convenience, Aux is found out to be better. 

  • Sound Quality 

Aux wins here as well, it delivers superior sound quality without the data being lost. On the other hand, in order to meet the wireless standards, Bluetooth has to lose some data from a phone, it builds an unsecured connection while Aux builds a strong and secured connection. You may experience low-quality sound when connecting your device with Bluetooth. 

  • Compatibility 

Unfortunately, the oldest wireless connection builder “Bluetooth” is not compatible with all the devices, it has some limitations. Aux, on the other hand, is so welcoming, it opens its ways for as many devices as possible. The input for the Aux is found on Musical instruments, your smartphone device, record players, CD players, receivers, and others while Bluetooth connects drawing tablets, headsets, smartphones, and also the hard drives. Also when it comes to generating some compatibility with an iPhone, Bluetooth fails many times, hence Aux is more preferred!

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Final Words 

There are a plethora of ways to connect your phone with the car stereos – two major of them are Bluetooth and Aux, while Aux works better and is more convenient in comparison. If you don’t want to build an Aux or Bluetooth connectivity with the car stereo, the blog is for you, it discusses the 7 easy ways to help you access the quality sound in different ways.

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