How to Install the Tweeters Yourself?

How to Install the Tweeters Yourself?

Do you want to feel the music all around while driving? Here you go! You’ve got Tweeters for this job! 

If you want your stereos to produce exceptional quality sound, it takes little more than the speakers. 

It would help if you certainly had tweeters to alter the sound’s lows, mids, and highs. You can quickly get phenomenal sound and plenty of good bass with tweeters. 

While many people around want to improve the sound quality, they neglect the essential elements of the sound system. It is “Tweeters”. 

Tweeters have an essential function, are designed with the quality material that can correlate the quality of the music that your stereo produces. 

So, if you ask me what is an essential component to improve the system’s sound quality, my answer is, “tweeters are as essential as your speakers are .”You must have them installed. 

My friend, you are at the right place. The step-by-step guide is on “How to Install the Tweeters Yourself?” this is for you! If you plan to have the desired sound you’ve been yearning to hear.

Tools you will need to install the Tweeter

Before beginning the procedure, you need some tools to install the Tweeter. 

  • Screwdriver
  • Base Cup 
  • Power Drill 
  • Knife 
  • Speaker’s wires
  • Wrench 

Where to Install Tweeters?

Some modern cars come with factory-built tweeters, but some don’t, if you have got the one that lacks it, you can install tweeters yourself with the following simple steps we have mentioned.

If you just had tweeters with the set of speakers and looking for the best place to mount it, we have got you covered. There are three most-preferred places to mount the Tweeter with ease. 

  • Surface Mount 

The simplest way is to mount the Tweeter on the top of the car. You need to make a small hole where you have to mount the tweeters and the base cup and connect speakers. It will work. 

  • Bottom Mount 

You must have the tweeters installed; they must already be connected to the amp and work before being mounted. You don’t need to drill a hole for that but you may need to add a bracket to transfer it beneath the existing grill. And it’s done. 

  • Flush Mount 

It is as simple as the Surface Mount and the most common way of installing tweeters. You need to make a hole of equal size of the Tweeter on the door or it can be in the dashboard as well, and insert it carefully with the base cup, it’s now ready to improve the sound quality. 

How to Install Tweeters in 9 Simple Steps 

There is no rocket science behind installing the tweeters, they are the particular type of device finely embedded with the stereo to create high-frequency sound. Installing tweeters is one of the simplest tasks; even if you don’t have any technical background, you can make it! 

We have gathered nine simple ways to install tweeters on any of the locations mentioned. 

1. Turn off the Engine 

The first step to start with is to turn off the engine before opening the hood, don’t let the current flow in the wires of the stereos; it might cause you some harm. If you have just driven to someplace, ensure the car and stereos get colder to begin work. 

If you have a faulty car stereo – you might have a look at this post about – How to fix car stereo that turns on and off repeatedly?

2. Cut off the Power Supply

To cut the power supply, you will have to disconnect the negative terminal (-) with the help of a wrench for loosening the nuts there. Also, detach the negative wire extending to the battery to prevent any damages such as short circuits while installing the tweeters. 

Make sure that the battery shouldn’t work as you begin the procedure. Before pulling the cable off the battery, you can also wear some gloves and glasses to protect yourself from the charges that the battery might throw away. Be careful a bit here. 

3. Access the Car’s Speakers and Remove unnecessary panels

You have to be sure where you will install the Tweeter, either top or surface or in the dashboard. 

Just in case if you choose to go for a Dashboard or a door location, you will have to remove the panels covering them to begin the procedure finally. The location of the screws of the door and dashboard can vary with the car model.

Panels are attached to the body of the stereo via nuts; use screwdrivers to open them and get access inside. Now use a sharp knife to put the panel away from the body, don’t use your hands to avoid any injury.

If you are confused to locate the screws, fetch the manual guide, it will help you locate the screws so you can begin the procedure.

If you are planning to install the tweeters on the top of the car, you don’t have to remove the panel, it can simply be installed effortlessly with the brackets.

4. Install the Tweeters in the door

Here comes the installation part, if you have purchased the tweeters and are ready to go for an installation, then we must suggest you choose Flush-mounting because it is one of the most preferred and the most straightforward methods so far; most people go for an option because this is easy to monitor, maintain, and adjust. 

All you need is to drill a hole of equal size of the Tweeter in the door panel, have a piece of cloth, and clean it. 

Insert the base cup of the Tweeter, always refer to the guidelines that come in the box of your tweeters, some base cups can easily be inserted and grip it tightly, but some shave to be attached via screws and bolts; once adjusted firmly, place the tweeters in it. 

Ensure the speakers are near the place where tweeters are being installed. But if not, you can install them anywhere you want the high frequency to come from. 

Ideally, if you are installing the tweeters in the door, you have to drill back the door panel to save it from damage.

5. Surface Mount Tweeters

If you find it difficult to mount it in the door, don’t worry, the other easy option is “Surface mounting”. Make some holes using a power drill in the speaker’s grille. 

These holes are for sticking the speaker’s wires extending to the inserted tweeters. 

Fix the base cup with the help of some screws in the speaker’s grille; use screwdrivers to slide the base cup into it. 

Make sure not to make a too deep hole that could damage the speakers and the sound system. You have to be careful a bit; the hole must have enough space to get the tweeters in there. Once the insertion is done, connect the tweeters to the car stereo crossover.

Suppose you think it requires great care to install tweeters in the speakers’ grill, and that’s not your cup of tea, or you might damage the speaker system that lies behind the grilles. In that case, there are a lot of deep and more suitable locations in the car to install the tweeters; make sure you install them near to the place you want the high-quality frequency to come from. 

Wiring and Testing 

Mounting is done and now the priority shifts to the second most important section, “Wiring of the tweeter” to make tweeters functional. When you purchase the set of tweeters you are always provided with a guide to follow. 

It would help if you are looking for that because every modern Tweeter comes with distinct properties, and the guide we are sharing is the general one that works for all types. Since the advancement in the accessories is being made every day, you may need to look for other things for finally running the tweeters with the speakers. This may require some additional steps but don’t worry; the providers always give tutorials and instructions. 

If it is still confusing, ask the providers to assist you with the installation. 

If you opt for the available set of tweeters that are not too advanced or expensive, follow the below-mentioned steps to get the job done. 

6. Connect the Speaker Wires to the Crossover 

A built-in car audio system always comes with the Crossover; you have to locate its location, get your car manual, and search the location. Crossover is one crucial part of the car’s audio system. 

Every speaker system has a crossover. You have to find the location of the Crossover to get your Tweeter connected to it; the critical function of the Crossover is to filter different frequencies made by an audio system before passing them to the speakers.

Different models of the cars have different locations of the Crossover, but many models have it located anywhere in the system between an amp and the receiver but mainly nearer to the amp while some are located in the door panels.

Use screwdrivers to remove the cap of the place named as “High-pass Filter” on the Crossover. Insert the negative and positive wires of the speaker inside, which are mostly colored, the wire with the stripe is the negative one and the one with the solid color is usually positive wire. 

Attach them with the positive and negative posts of the Crossover. After connecting, fix the caps of the Crossover back with the help of screwdrivers. 

7. Connect the Speaker to the Tweeters 

After connecting your speaker with the Crossover, the turn is to connect speakers to the tweeters now. Use screwdrivers and open the cap of the Tweeter. Insert the speaker’s wire into it, attach them with the tweeters’ respective terminals, and screw back the cap. Make sure the connection must be strong, you can use tape to firmly bind the wires with the terminals so that tweeters work fine without losing the connection. 

If you are installing more than one Tweeter, you have to repeat the process with the positive and negative wires of the different speakers. 

Ideally, the pair of tweeters work in absolute manners to produce quality audio. One speaker, at a time, can be connected to a single tweeter. The same is the case with the Crossover, for more tweeters, you need to have more crossovers. 

8. Test the Tweeters

That’s all so far, the installation and the wiring are done and now you have to test if the tweeters work fine or not.

To test the tweeters, reconnect the battery, let the current flow, turn on the radio, and increase the sound volume so that you could hear it perfectly. As the volume is turned up, you will feel the difference in the quality of the audio, the basses are improved. 

Get closer to where you have installed the tweeters and listen close if you can hear the audio or not. 

If you feel some vibration coming out of the tweeters, it may be a loosely attached base cup or loose wiring. You have to remove the caps again, and tighten them

9. Reattach the panels 

That’s the final step of an entire procedure. After everything is done and the Tweeter works fine as expected, you need to reattach the panel you removed in the beginning. Use screwdrivers to screw it back. Ensure the attachment isn’t loose; otherwise, it will keep producing unwanted sounds. 

Final Words 

Tweeters aren’t just meant to improve the quality of the sound, they add meaning to it as if it is made for us. Though installing the tweeters is one of the simplest tasks, you have to make it done very precisely and carefully.

No matter which location or method you choose to install the Tweeter they have to be close to the speaker to generate the most effective sound. The guide will help you install the tweeters with the sound system on your own.

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