How to install a second battery for car audio

How to install a second battery for car audio

If you are a music lover and think of having a dope car audio system, you might consider installing a second battery for car audio. A high-performance car audio system requires more battery power. Especially when the car engine is turned off, it could be a mess.

Even a high output alternator is no good if the engine is not running. The only solution is adding an extra car battery for car audio. 

Nowadays a car is an essential thing in our daily life. In our busy lives, we love to travel with our friends and family by car when we get the opportunity. It could be boring when we drive over 6 hours in a dumb car without satisfying car audio.

Who needs a second car battery 

When you want some louder music in your car, then you should go for the second battery. The second battery comes in handy while playing music for more extended periods. The default car battery cannot give sufficient power in some circumstances.

Music lovers who listen to music while the car engine is off quickly experience that the factory battery does not last long. At the same time, an additional battery can handle the requirements of extra power.

A high-end car audio system can be a cause for the death of car batteries. If you have a high-performance audio system and like listening to music even when the car engine is off, you need an additional battery. 

The battery on cars is used to serve car purposes, so factory batteries can not be used for all purposes. If we use a single battery for all purposes, then the charge or ampere of the battery will spend more than normal, affecting the battery life. 

Many people also use car electric systems to charge mobile phones, laptops, etc. They also cost a lot of ampere of factory battery which a single battery can not support. It is pretty impossible to use a single battery for multi-purpose work. For those who love louder music in their car, having a second battery is essential.

Why you need matched batteries

For better performance, it’s significant that both the batteries matched, replace the existing battery and install two matched batteries. Both batteries have to be the same type, age, brand as well.

Similar batteries help to make sure each battery works parallelly, but the additional battery doesn’t pull power from the other when the car engine is turned off. Different batteries may affect battery life. 

How to install a second battery for car audio: 

Everyone loves high-end car audio systems along with multiple quality subwoofers, speakers and amplifiers. But most people don’t understand that these high-performance audio systems require a lot of power to run that can drain the battery charge in a short while. Using a second car battery can solve this issue.

You can install the second car battery simply following the steps below –   

Step 1: 

First, turn off the engine. Then open the hood and disconnect the car battery. Using a wrench, remove the negative terminal connection. 

Step 2: 

Place the additional battery in the car trunk (Most people prefer to install it in the car trunk). Installing the second battery around the car audio system makes wiring easier. If the amplifier is inducting in an area other than the trunk, you want to install the battery near the amplifier to make the wiring easier. 

Using a battery box and a drill, install the battery on the floor of the trunk. Tighten the bolts by using a wrench to hold the battery position. 

Step 3: 

Wire the second battery to the positive side. Use a heavy gauge copper wire with two gauges. You have to put a piece of wire from the positive side of the secondary battery to the power log of the nearest amplifier. 

Use a wire stripper, unfasten the cable protective plastic covering just enough to enable you to create an end to each end of the wire. Then connect one end to the positive terminal post on the battery and the other on the amplifier’s power lug and tighten the connection with a wrench.

Step 4:

It’s time to check all the wiring, make sure the positive and negative terminals are well attached. Now grab the tools and clean the trunk. Then close both the hood and trunk. 

You are done!

Pros of using the additional battery 

  • Once you add a second battery, it enables you to run your audio system for a more extended period. 
  • Charging electronic devices like laptops, mobile phones will have less impact on factory batteries. 
  • Cheaper than installing a capacitor 
  • A secondary battery helps to avoid electrical issues
  • It’s worthy enough for the peace of mind

Cons of using the additional battery

  • Cheap car batteries can cause severe damage to the car’s interior, involving erosion or leakage.
  • Top brands external batteries are pretty expensive.
  • In some cases, additional batteries (mostly cheap car batteries) can create an overload on the alternator

Final Verdict

Adding a second car battery is an objective worthy investment if you are a car audio enthusiast. The additional battery allows you to enjoy music at high volume for more extended periods without worrying about losing the charge of your default battery. It means you can have a fantastic road trip and enjoy your favorite playlist.

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