How To Fix Car Speakers Crackling?

How To Fix Car Speakers Crackling?

Imagine traveling around the long roads in the beautiful weather with music in the background. Your favorite song starts playing, and you are pumped up when suddenly the speaker starts crackling, and an annoying sound comes out. How frustrating could that make the whole journey?  

Having a bad connection is what leads to car speakers crackling. This connection needs to be stabilized with the amplifier. Moreover, if you have a damaged coil, it could also sound crackling. 

When they come in contact with the magnets, these damaged coils crackle; remember that having an amplifier too powerful for the speaker could also lead to voice crackling. The cone tends to be moved more than its capacity when the amplifier is of a higher power. 

People often complain about their speakers making a crackling sound and can’t figure out what causes it. Hence, they are not able to prevent it from happening either. This article will guide you about what causes the cracking to occur and how you can fix it.

Why Do My Car Speakers Start Crackling?  

The speakers indicate an issue with the wiring while they make a crackling sound. The reason for this issue is classified into two parts:  

It may Happen Because of Damaged Connectors

The harness is in good condition and stays as long as it is not pushed into dashboards and packed tightly. Connectors are likely to be damaged by the speaker since they ought to move more often. It is important to minimize noise in car audio systems

Because of Torn Speaker Wires

Torn speakers are found to be an issue in the case of an old car only. It is due to the cables being overused over the years. Mainly at the door spots due to them being closed and opened more often. 

Reasons Why the Car Voice Coil Can Replace the Position  

If you think your wires and connection protocols are working fine, the problem is a damaged coil. For this, you will have to be aware of the conditions of the speakers and determine to what extent the voice coil would be damaged. 

It is said that the voice coil is placed inside a magnet. A Magnet and a voice coil have a small space between them. But when it connects with the magnet and creates a crackling noise. 

The voice coil might be out of place for a variety of reasons: 

  • If the replacement or repair of the speaker’s cone might have caused damage in the voice coil while positioning it against the magnet.  
  • Speakers may be damaged from the manufacturer’s end. 
  • Incorrect placement of the voice coil  

Connecting your speaker to a faulty amplifier could also lead to sound crackling. You may say that a damaged amp would not let the speaker run, but that does not apply in all cases.  

Can Crackling Damage Your Car Speakers? 

If you hear a crackling in the speaker, the speakers may already be broken. If that is not the case, then there might be a dangerous interruption since the interruption is mainly caused by the overstressing in the coil, which primarily affects the electrical or mechanical part of the speaker.

Mechanical Damages 

The broken or cracked cones lead to mechanical damage. The overstretching of cones is what leads to the crackling in sound. 

Electrical Damages 

Having your voice coil blown may cause electrical damage to the speaker. If you hear a popping sound while playing music on your speaker, then it is likely that your speaker might have faced an electrical issue. You should fix your problem as soon as possible, or you might end up causing more trouble.  

How Can You Fix Crackling Car Speakers? 

You can fix a speaker no matter what the damage is. It is just dependent on the matter of time. But if we talk about repairing speakers that require expertise. It could get frustrating, time-consuming, and enormous effort. You can also see that it gets expensive and challenging to locate the parts for speakers.  

The most complicated repair could be to repair the voice coil, especially if you seem to lack experience in dealing with electrical issues. 

We suggest that this maintenance be done by a skilled person and not at home. These types of repairs require professional practices. Many complications must be kept in mind. 

Things to Avoid While Fixing Car Speaker Crackling

We have seen that there happen to be a series of issues that lead up to the crackling of sound. But you can prevent these issues by making minor amendments and taking active measures. 

Always Use High Passing Coil and Filters:  

Correctly setting your filters will enable you to eliminate the overproduction of bass. It would help if you understood that some cars are not designed to be used for extraordinary bass-boosted systems. So, forcing them to produce lower frequencies may cause damage to the speakers.  

Overcome the Bass Volume and Increase at Low Volume: 

While listening to songs, you might notice a distortion in the sound. This is due to the bass being over the capability of the speakers. It is best to lower the volume and maintain the bass if you want to have your speakers last long term.  

Avoid Bass Boosted Music: 

Too much bass has never been helpful for the quality of music, and it should be avoided unless you are competing. No matter how fantastic the speakers are, too much bass overstressed them and any volume level. Music with many basses is played for an extended period permanently damages the speakers. 


It is always a fantastic experience to have delightful music in the background with no disruption while driving. It could get troubling to have speakers that make a crackling sound. 

The best way to avoid it is to maintain procedures that lead to the safe use of speakers. Avoid making mistakes like over-boosted bass and incorrect speaker placement in the dashboard. 

To achieve a clear output, you may go through a configuration process. These few ways can allow you to reduce the leading causes of car speakers’ crackling!

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