How to Add Aux Input to Car Stereo

How to Add Aux Input to Car Stereo?

Do you know how you can add an auxiliary system to your automobile? Are you worried about it because you have no idea? Now, it’s time to remove all your worries because we will tell you about adding an aux system to your car.

There’s a lot to like regarding cars from the ’80s and ’90s. The hard entity to like is the manufacturer of the auditory technique used during that period. 

Today, cassettes and CDs have become a trend, and new music choices improve aural excellence and movability. 

With the increasing war of market authority between cassettes and CDs, the company is trying to cover customer demand using rhythmic headers.

The preferences of collectors and enthusiasts have altered in recent years. Today’s cars of the 80s and 90s are increasing their worth. 

Young and poor consumers purchase what they want when these cars are new in the shop and are looking for cars with the best form and affordable price. 

Mostly in old cars (almost all new vehicles now have an auxiliary input), changing the main part with one with an auxiliary input role is simple. 

Several new systems also have USBs or Bluetooth connectivity.

The car can now use a DINs standard unit; in that situation, replacing the previous unit with a newer one is easy. 

You might require an adapter cable if the vehicle does not use standardized plugs. 

Adapter plates are generally present that convert the non-standard opening to an ordinary DINs unit. 

Most cars have an unusually large audio header. For instance, many Ford cars have larger units.

Aux – A Modern Technology to Your Car

High-quality original vehicles have increased in worth in current years with increasing attention from fans and collectors. Do you know the worth of a 93s Ford Cobra vehicle? Do you know the 91s Integra Acura vehicle?

Cars from this period are a lot of fun to drive, but when we add or install a modern audio system to increase music suitability, the resale value increases. The collectors will not want to purchase a disassembled and modified car. 

They will not focus on how the car’s audio system is best installed. So if you don’t want to add an advanced header, it is not possible to play MP3 files.

The addition of an auxiliary port allows you to play sound from an MP3 file. Further, you can also use your mobile or cardinal appliance with a 3.5mm headphone cord.

Fixing an auxiliary port is an easy task that regular home improvement can do in one afternoon with professional-looking results. 

Many methods are available to add an auxiliary system to your automobiles. Even motorbikes can be configured with an auxiliary system.

Options Abound

Firstly, find the options you have to use for your specific audio system. You can buy an adapter wire if your audio system has back RCA input connections. It connects to the RCA and audio player with a 3.5mm plug wire.

Several cars were supplied with connectors for CDs changer. For several famous models, adapters are present that let you plug into the CDs changers ports and add an auxiliary terminal. 

It will take a minute to search the model, year, and other options for your specific car using the internet. Several famous companies have adapters to function with factory-installed transistors specifically. 

This system is more costly, but it can give clean audio fixation.

Things to Look on Car Stereo Before Adding Aux

If your automobile has an auxin port, but it’s in a silly place, or if you want to add a new one, it’s a very easy process. Take away the connector from the board or anywhere, then cut and join an auxin cable. 

Now route it securely to the wanted place to add a connector and fix the new connector in a location. 

Using the auxin waterproof cabinets, you can fix a port on a boat or the automobile’s exterior. 

It can be installed on the back of the vehicle, and you can play your favorite music without opening the door.

If your audio system doesn’t have cinch connections or CD changers panels, you can connect them to your current audio system. 

If you want to change your audio system, you can easily remove it from your car. It requires little information and expertise. 

If you’re a fan of the motorized taste, you can’t bear the thought of adding excessive audio to your smooth ride. 

Eye-catching advanced headers can damage the car’s interior, especially if it is a historical, common, or old-fashioned car. 

So let’s see how you can transform your current car radio that can agree to use wire input or Bluetooth model. 

You can easily bring in advanced music from your smartphone while keeping an original look.

Fundamentals To Notice

There are two cables for the vehicle’s 12V power supply, and the sound signal is output through the RCA sockets. The RCA plugs can be removed, and the unit can be plugged into your sound system if you have the space. 

Based on your music system, you can use a 3.5mm auxiliary jack or BlueTooth music if your phone has not been accepting the headphone card. 

You must select a method to feed the music signal to the main unit’s amp stage to achieve your aim. No matter which route you select, the audio modification process is similar.

Whether this sound source is a 3.5mm card plug or a Bluetooth module does not matter. In the latter situation, you will buy a Bluetooth unit and want to wire it to the aux input you created. 

Besides this, it also connects the unit to the stereo power source. In the situation of a headphone connection, all you have to do is plug in an auxiliary cable or 3.5mm card plug anywhere, and you’re done. 

Of course, these instructions will not cover all audio systems. There are extreme situations based on the exact details of an original car stereo working. 

Maybe these situations work for you or may not. This guide will inspire you to think theoretically about how these modifications are made. 

So you can examine the hardware and make your results on incorporating an outer music input suitable for your system.

Aux-In Port for Mobile Tunes

Aux input docks first seemed in the 80s to allow customers to play cassettes and CDs from a Walkman or Discman player on the vehicle radio. 

When the header started with CD players, several companies’ main units stopped using the aux dock. 

The MP3 player wasn’t on the market yet, so the fired connection wasn’t necessary. 

Unlike cassettes or disc adapters, auxin connections provide CD-like quality music, which sounds extremely bad and doesn’t last long-lasting. 

You can play sounds from MP3 players using an FM modulator. But the disadvantage of using modulators is that these are expensive and give bad music sounds. Their working is bad if you don’t use a strong FM signal. 

You only need to save an additional music input, whether Bluetooth or not. It sends signals to the amp instead of another. 

Suppose you have recognized how to take the signals from various header components like CDs players, cassettes, and radio modules. 

Then you can take your signals. Hopefully, this guide helps you find the location and transmission of signals using a sound system.

AM and AM/FM Radios

Original AM and AM / FM main units are becoming uncommon and valuable to antennas. So, don’t replace them; you can easily add an aux port to these original audio systems.

You can take excellent services and guides to repair your car’s audio systems. Always read professional and published manuals because expert mechanics write these. 

These guides provide you with the best ideas about fixing the audio system in your car. 

Security comes first. Nobody wants their car to be the victim of any fire, so they always ensure to disconnect the battery. 

Disconnect the negative pole of the battery before working on parts of the vehicle’s electrical system. 

Method 1 – Use the RCA Cable Adaptors

Plug the 2 RCA input cards into the stereo system and use the 3.5mm pin as an auxiliary input. 

Installing the auxiliary input will be easy if your audio system has RCA inputs. You only need a pre-assembled adapter wire.

However, the fitting method becomes difficult if the audio system has no RCA inputs. Now you need to fuse an auxiliary input connector on the stereo. 

Method 2 – Install an Aux Input Jack with Radio

After removing the radio from the dashboard, you need to find your CD changers and pinout. A little study is needed here. You should discuss the operating instructions for your vehicle radio. 

You can also study the process of finding the exact location of the CD’s pin used in the audio system using the internet. You need to recognize the right and left network ground pins. 

  • Solder the Jack Wires:

An ordinary auxiliary input card has a 3.5mm plug on one edge and three colored cables on the other edge. 

After identifying them in the previous stage, you need to join these three cables to the three pins on the CD changers. 

The black cable is fused to the ground pin.

The red cable is fused to the correct network. 

The white or yellow cable is fused to the left network. 

The first time you use the fusing iron, do a warm-up and exercise assembly before. 

Take a simple elastic sheet, identify small spots using a pen/marker, and use the solder wire to mark these spots through the fuse.

Once you have made the exact points, fuse the auxiliary cables to the connector of the CDs changer.

  • Mount the Jack on the Dashboard

After successfully installing the cables with the CDs changers plug, you need to connect the auxiliary input plug to the dashboard. 

Through this, you can use it with ease to connect your appliances. You may need to dig a hole in the dashboard to fix the card. Choose the piercing place carefully and ensure that the place has nothing behind it.

  • Test It Out

When the sound system starts to play music from your mobile / MP3 player, put the header into the cutting hole and cover the dashboard items. 

It is necessary to test the auxiliary input before replacing the central unit and refitting the car. If not, fix the problem and hire an onboard car radio expert. 

The person will assist you in maintaining or testing the entire stereo framework. The professional can also fix the problem of onboard car radio experts. 

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Finally, we have discussed adding an aux input stereo system in your automobile. Automatic audio aux or aux outputs allow drivers to link many music appliances to their car’s audio system using a regular 1/8 “to 1/8” music wire. 

New cars have an excellent aux system, but this feature is not available in old cars. If your car radio doesn’t have an AUX port, you can replace the old radio store with the new one.

All the new cars have this aux audio system, which mostly comes standard. A connector can connect a wire and MP3 file or mobile and play music. 

We made this tutorial for anyone who didn’t pay for the stereo system when buying a new car. It is also for those who want to know whether they can link the music system to the car to enjoy music. 

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