How Much Does It Cost to Install a Car Stereo

How Much Does It Cost to Install A Car Stereo?

Do you have any idea about installing a sound system in your car? Most people don’t know because they installed it for the first time. 

While those who have already installed it have an idea of how much it costs. So, don’t worry if you are installing it the first time. 

Here we will provide you with a guide that will give you an idea about the cost of sound system installation.

When installing a sound system in your car, many things should be considered. It will cost around $100 if you’re looking to remove your car’s front screen and buy a simple radio. 

At the same time, you have to pay more if you want something else with good features rather than a normal CD player. 

Few Facts to Know About Car Radio Installation Cost

If you want to use CDs player, BlueTooth, or use a system for calling hands-free, then many systems are available on the market. 

The simple CD system costs around $100 and has many features. If that interests you, the total setup costs are less than $100, and it will take only 1 or 2 hours.

Your car stereo doesn’t need to be only a CD or receiver. If you want, you can add more speakers to your car with fewer speakers. Budget component speakers can be good choice.

You may want an amp to add some bass and power to your system. Through all this info, you can get an idea about the cost of radio installation in your car.

In addition, you have to decide if you need to carry out the installation of the car stereo or prefer to hire an expert to install it. If you’ve just added a new CD player, you don’t need much effort to do it yourself. 

If you need your whole system checked, you have to pay more to an expert for its installation. Several stores offer you a discount to install a stereo if you buy all the apparatus.

What Is Needed for A Self Car Stereo Installation?

The only requirement you should fulfil is to have a handful of apparatus. If you have a CD player, you need to buy a screwdriver. 

It is suggested that the screwdrivers of Philips are best, but it is good if you use a flat head screwdriver. It will be handy, and you can easily handle it.

If you want to install a CD player device for your car, you can purchase it. It is safe to mount the CD device in your car. As each car has different holes, the adapters are made according to your car’s model. You may usually purchase them online for less than $10. 

You’ll also need to take some cable scissors and wire strippers. It would be best to do the main cable splice, but it’s easy.

In the end, the thing you need is duct tape. You can also use a cable seal that slides above the cable like a deep pipe. It connects the two cables and helps in the movement of seals above the bare cable. Then shrink the seals using a slight flame.

Cost of Installing the Essential Pieces of Equipment

Suppose you want to know the cost of installing the sound system in your car and want to add more systems rather than the existing CD device. 

You need to break down the various updates and parts that need to be considered, including:

The Head Unit

In the past, head units or stereos created signals from cassettes, eight tracks, and other types of turntables. But now, the car stereo system helps play DVDs videos on the monitor and links to smart devices via Bluetooth.

The leader’s main job is signal production, music level control, and access to various sound resources linked to the main unit. Car head units, similar to other products, have different costs and quality. 

Though, it is possible to buy a head unit for a cost ranging from $80 to $200. It is based on if it is a single or double din. A head unit at this price contains all the important components that help to enhance the sound of car audio.

Single DIN

If you buy a standardised single DIN music headset, you have to pay more than $100. But if you want to buy a simple DIN, it will cost between $25 to $50. 

Ensure that its fixing is simple and can go up to $50.

Double DIN

As the models of double DIN music systems are larger, their price is also high. You have to pay more than $200 to buy quality models. If you buy a simple module, you have to pay $50-$100.

To install double DIN, you have to check its features like backup camera, etc. So, their installation needs more money, around $25 and $100.


If you want to use a receiver for your CD device, it costs around $100. But if you want more things like that, maybe you need a big screen. 

Then it will cost more, and you have to pay extra. Did you know only receivers cost a lot? Yes, receivers can indeed take up to $500. So, always keep in mind the cost of a new receiver.


The price and size of the amp vary according to the performance of your speaker. If you want to add devoted woofers and a strong speaker, you must buy an item to handle much power. 

Your car’s existing setup is not created for it, so you should have to buy an amp. You also require a second battery option made particularly for the stereo system.

When the head unit of the device generates the signals, then the amp is used to increase its power. The signals that are directly coming from the head unit of the device are usually weak for the speaker to create music. 

Though; this part is temporarily integrated into the main unit that causes the compaction of the system. 

There are numerous prices of amplifiers designed for different cars. If you want to buy a single amp, it costs around $40, but it can be increased to $200. 

Though a multi-channel speaker costs in the range of $80 and $400 that is based on your choice.


When you want to install a stereo system in your car, speakers are the essential part you should have. 

The speakers of higher edge are more expensive, but they can give the best sound that you require. If you buy a simple speaker, you can’t enjoy the best quality of music.

The speaker is an important representative of the music system of the car. They help to generate music that can be easily reached to the passengers. 

If you save $100 for a speaker, the speaker’s price alone will increase to almost $1,000. 

The main job of the speaker is to take signals that are amplified from the amp. These signals are in the form of electrical power that converts to mechanical power. The vibration goes to the speakers, and then they produce music.

There are three types of speakers used in car stereos. A coaxial speaker is usually a factory-made speaker used in many cars. 

It is less expensive and takes only a small area. If you want to enhance the musical effect of your car, then you should use an excellent speaker—a coaxial speaker costs between $ 20 and $70. 

A module speaker costs $50- $350. At the same time, a subwoofer costs $30-$80.

Wire Harness

When we talk about installing a stereo system, always keep in mind this hidden item, wire connection. When you want to repair your stereo system fully, you should buy new wiring that can be installed. 

It means a new cable connects that these cables are present. If you have organised and easy-to-use cable connections, you can easily reach them whenever you want. 

When you want to do a wire harness, it costs more because too much time is required to arrange them. Further, when you want to install it, you have to pay more.

Can You Install A Car Stereo Yourself?

Yes, you can. If you understand installing a stereo system in your car and consider yourself an expert, you can overcome any problem. When you invest in adding something new to your car, you feel happy.

A wide range of car music systems allows you to buy a new apparatus kit. What will happen if you already bought a music system, but you don’t know how to install it? So, for your complete guidance, we are here and will help you to install a new stereo in your car. 

How To Install Car Head Unit?

  • Always use wire connects because it is an easy method when you want to connect many cables from the existing system to the new one.
  • When you purchase a unit that doesn’t have any wire, you have to buy a cable connection by yourself. Ensure to link all the wires in the same manner or use the guide about wiring for better understanding.
  • If you have a cable connection, your power source is already linked. But if you don’t have a harness, you have to do it yourself.
  • Identify the screw, cables, or bolts that can be linked to the car frame. Then bind the music ground cable with it and attach it tightly.
  • Now you have to add a head unit to the car panel and attach it to the board again. If you follow all these steps carefully, you can enjoy good music.

How To Install Car Amplifier?

  • Point to the fixing place where you will mount your amp and dig deep and small holes into attaching it. Ensure to use flat surfaces that have no pipe or cable behind them.
  • Now attach the amplifier to the position where you have done digging.
  • Then fix the power wire of the amplifier to the battery.
  • Now link the ground cable of the amplifier to the car’s ground attachment.
  • Then link the cable that is a remote control.
  • After that, create the connection that will transfer signals.
  • In the end, link your cables to the speaker.

How To Install Car Speaker?

When you buy a car, always make sure they have good speakers. When you buy a car, they have speakers that can produce music but are not of good quality. If you change this speaker with a new one that can produce good sound, it will cost more.

The easy part of the car that you can remove, replace and install a speaker by yourself. Now, look at how you can install it:

  • Remove the grids of the speakers.
  • Then remove the old-fashioned speaker.
  • Now, fit the new and modern speaker into the car and link them with the cable connection of the wire.
  • Now, it is time to check if your speaker is working. Again link the car’s power source and play the music, then listen to it to see if its quality is good or not.
  • Again place the grid of the speaker to ensure the security of the speaker.

Cost of Installing A Radio Professionally

Some stores are offering free services or discounts. They also give you free installation if you buy a CD drive from that location. 

However, it doesn’t need to be only for new cars when you see promoted free install service. It will take many hours, so these overhaul fixing services cost too much, about $100 more. 

After adding all these things, it’s up to you whether you want to spend under $100 on installation or spend many dollars on it. The price is based on the system that you want to install.


Finally, we have discussed how costly installing a stereo in your car is. We also discussed how to install a stereo system in your car by yourself. Music is the most important thing in any car because people love to play music. 

It looks irritating if you have a bad music system that can’t produce good quality sound. So, you have to install a new stereo system into your car for good quality music. It will make your journey good, and memorable and you will be pleased.

You can use advanced music systems with GPS, which help in navigation purposes. Now, the market is full of different audio systems. So, you can choose according to your budget and needs.

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