Expert Guide About Car Speaker Installation

Expert Guide About Car Speaker Installation

In simple words, lousiness is a fundamental element of many cars with a stock speaker system. Luckily you can rely on various options for the solution. One of these is the after-market speakers. These speakers being cost-effective compared to other speakers are a great help. 

Moreover, you will find that they tend to have an enhanced ability to boost the audio functioning of your sound system. You will also feel that these car speakers’ installation process is not so complicated. This means you will not have to rely upon an expert to conduct the installation process. 

Our guide will help you understand the car speaker installation of speakers!

Preparation To Install Car Speakers 

Tools You Need To Install Car Speakers

We have already informed you about the availability of options to install after-market speakers. Due to this, you will find that there is no point in having a single list for all installation procedures of speakers. Therefore following products are what you will need most probably for the installation: 

  • A selection of screwdrivers 
  • Wire strippers/cutter 
  • Crimping device 
  • Allen screws 
  • Wrenches for sockets 
  • Knife for hobbies 
  • Iron for soldering (And solder) 
  • Drill (Preferably electric) 
  • File 
  • Torx wrench 

Always Choose the Right Speaker For Your Car 

These sound systems are the same as the standard stereo systems. Hence, 100 watts of speakers or adding eight or greater than that number of speakers won’t give you a better experience. 

Additionally, adding more speakers irrelevantly would not get you anywhere other than poor quality due to over sound production.  

Disconnect The Battery Of Your Car To Prevent Damage

Before starting, you must have a proper setup before working with any electrical appliance. It helps you prevent any damage that is likely to occur during the process. 

You will be safe from any case of shock, short circuit, or others. Remember to cover all these procedures before you tamper with the electrical system internally.

How To Install Car Speakers?

Your car determines the amount of work required to be performed on the installation procedures. Worst case? You might have to remove your seats to crawl back in the trunk to access bolts and wires. Sometimes, there is also a need to remove the door panel to gain better access to the speakers.  

Developing a safe procedure is your primary requirement when installing speakers. We will discuss the cautions and valuable methods for establishing your speakers efficiently.  

Step 1: Release the factory speaker 

You can notice that speakers are often attached to a harness. This should be handled with care. You do not want to damage your harness while removing the speakers. 

Moreover, there happen to be small bolts that are kept in place with the help of foam or adhesive glue. These screws must be removed properly without damaging the area of attachment.  

Suppose you are planning to re-install the speakers or sell them off. You must keep the screws safe for later use.  

Step 2: Commune The latest Speaker To The Car’s Electrical System

If your automobile doesn’t have this easy connection, you may need a soldered or crimped connection to attach your speaker. 

Make that the polarity of the automobile and speaker connections are the same. 

Electrical tape is dangerous for wires, especially in the dashboard, because temperature variations can degrade the tape, causing difficulties later. 

Step 3: Test The Speaker 

As you are done with the whole connectivity procedure of the speaker. You may now test the connection. 

This is an important part! 

You do not want your whole effort wasted by not ensuring that your speaker is working correctly. 

Nobody wants to re-open the entire system to fix a minor problem. Once everything is done, you may reconnect the battery to the negative terminals. However, if you find your speaker does not work while testing, the electrical connection might be a problem.  

Step 4: Secure The New Speaker

Have the speakers given you the confidence to work in acceptable conditions? Now you should secure the system to its place. You might have to get the mounting speaker bracket for the exceptional cases in other cases. 

Due to special mounting, you might need to drill new holes for the score and adhesive glue to hold the speaker. 

Car Speaker Installation Types 

Replacing Rear Speakers

How easy it will be to replace your speakers depends mainly on the type of car. You might find a range of options in this case. The manufacturer’s compatibility to welcome the designed interior plays a significant role in the comfort of installation.

In other circumstances, prying up the grilles and replacing the speakers may suffice. Others require crawling into the trunk and disconnecting the cables there. You will likely need to make extra efforts, removing the back seat to rear trim pieces. Your car is the driving factor in the whole process!  

Replacing Dash Speakers

The dash speakers in significant numbers are the easiest to remove. You need to remove the screws or the grilles, and you are ready. A 90-degree (offset) screwdriver could be of the best help in removing a dash speaker.  

It’s good to pry up the grille using a panel tool to avoid harming or shattering the surrounding dash.  

If applying little pressure to the grille does not dislodge it, proceed with caution. The grille is held below on certain automobiles by screws or plastic studs that may shatter if too much force is exerted. If this is the case, the dash panel may need to be removed entirely. 

Replacing Door Speakers

The speakers attached to the door are amazing at giving you the whole feel of the song. They are usually easy to remove. But you may find the effort of reaching the speakers a bit difficult. 

While it’s becoming increasingly unusual to come across a car that allows you to change the speakers by just removing the grille and switching them out, it still happens. 

Some grilles include screws or friction fittings that must be removed, or the grille must be pried apart to remove the speaker. There are three fundamental stages to changing a door speaker in a car like this. 


Some people spend most of their time in their cars. Irrespective of travelling. Hence, they should have speakers that provide an appealing sound for music. With all that known, you should not worry about the installation of the speaker. 

Once you are all set to follow the procedure, this guide will be there to help you. Having a newer car model may lead to having difficulty trimming the pieces, but there is no need to be worried. Understanding the basics will enable you to understand the whole process with no problem!

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