5 Ways to Get Better Car Audio Quality

5 Ways to Get Better Car Audio Quality

Everyone loves music; if you are one of those and find the nicest spot to enjoy it to the fullest, why not Car? Yes, your Car is the best place to enjoy it!

All you need is the little know-how as you may need to tweak and change it while driving. While low-quality car audio systems can make the drive more irritating, most drivers are confused about how to improve the car audio quality. 

Some commuters like to have marginal quality while others like to have sound to sophisticated levels. No matter what type is yours, we’ve compiled some advice for you to better the quality of car audio systems on your own to enjoy the full potential of songs, and make every drive a nice journey. 

It can be done in two ways: either by adding some new gadgets like speakers, subwoofers, and an external excellent audio source separately to alter bass and frequencies, and you can also make it by tweaking the built-in system of your Car to pull off the maximum output. In both cases, you need to know how to get it done. 

So let’s explain what those 5 ways are to get better car audio quality. 

1. Boost Radio Tone Control

Tune the system a bit so that they perform better, it works similar to a guitar, you have to set the tune to enjoy the best of it. For the system to sound better, you have to boost and control the radio’s tone of the car audio system. 

With the tuned system, you might have to face distortion as you turn up the volume on the way. The set of low and high frequencies may cause a train to the factory system.

Boost Radio Tone Control

To fix this, you can opt with a little boost in the system’s bass, miss a touch and lower the highs, and then increase the volume slightly. However, the tweak may sound tricky, and maybe you should consider replacing your built-in factory system with the multi-band equalizer, it holds the same rule here as well. 

To get the best sound quality experience, you have to avoid excessive cuts or boosts. So be creative while deciding the right bass and frequency. Apply some preset equalizers to find the best match. You can watch some tutorials to adjust the settings because this can make or ruin it.

2. Consider Replacing the Speaker 

Maybe it is the speaker getting problematic. These are considered to be the last thing to do when building the Car’s factory audio systems. However, over the last many years, factory systems of the cars are getting better while luxury cars come with an exceptionally excellent system with user-friendly settings. 

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Still, many premium systems end up being crap, they come with difficult customization settings, intolerable sound quality, and weak amps with the poor speakers so considering replacing the speaker is a great deal. 

If you are confused about what type of speakers fit your car audio system, we advise you to buy the one from a trusted brand and always read the reviews. Choose the one with the clearer sound and tighter bass and fine details. So you may go with replacing the old speakers with the newer ones, and see the difference. 

3. The best Source Material will Work 

Yes, this would definitely bring some change. You must be tired of the songs and music that come with the built-in factory system of your Car. A smartphone or a portable music system with quality bass and frequencies will help you get rid of the poor sound quality. 

The music through your smartphone works well, but to enjoy it in the Car in loud audio, you’ll have to compress it as it will eliminate unnecessary low and high frequencies and add a more exciting tone to enjoy throughout the journey. While introducing an external source, make sure 

  • The source must stand out in terms of quality. 
  • While creating your files and adding music do not set the default settings. 
  • Compress it.
  • Use a higher bit rate of songs for better results through the car audio system. It may take more storage but yields better quality. 
  • You can even set up the quality of the music with the help of your favorite music app. 

4. Add an External Amplifier 

If you are looking to enhance the bass of the car audio system, consider an amplifier, it always works better than even expected! This will add power to the sound coming out of the speakers, they pull off better performance, and give it more clarity and yes without even straining your speakers. 

The amplifier can also be added to your Car’s factory system; it must include the option of Speaker-level input; check the amp considered by tapping into a speaker wiring of the factory. 

Consider Adding Subwoofer

5. Consider Adding Subwoofer 

With your subwoofer: of many options, the best is adding Subwoofers, it makes you wow every time you listen to the music. The subwoofer will balance the audio you want to listen to. It uplifts the octave of every favorite song. 

  • You can experience a smoother sound with any distortion.
  • It can even have better performance at high frequencies. 
  • It is portable, you can take it anywhere you require. It will put off weight from speakers. 

While this may be the biggest misconception that a vibrating car during driving may make it roll over the space and frequencies of the music will be compromised – not at all! These tiny devices can easily be fitted in the doors so that you can enjoy it too close to eardrums and once you have one, we bet you will never drive without one!


Improved quality of the car Audio system is essential. This can be done by controlling the boost radio tone, adding speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers, and replacing your old speakers.

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